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The manticore is a hulking beast, its large body consisting almost entirely of heavy, corded muscles covered with thick, coarse hair.

Sporadic armour-like plating protects its shoulders and back, and its barbed tail is perfectly positioned, poised to strike.

Capable of standing upright on two legs, the manticore may also choose to drop to all four when chasing prey, allowing for some truly startling bursts of speed.

Once caught the manticore uses its scorpion-like tail to inject a fast-acting paralytic into the body of its prey.
Using it's small but razor-sharp mouth and teeth It will then proceed, over the course of hours, to tear small chunks of flesh away from the body,
slowly and surely devouring its still living prey.

If faced with this creature, consider a quick death at your own hand; few fates are worse than the manticore's slow, agonising consumption.

Manticore for the card game, Dreary Hamlet.

Manticore for the card game, Dreary Hamlet.